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Unedged Lumber

Product range : unedged lumber

white oak (Quercus robur) overview grades
german beech (Fagus sylvatica) overview grades
europ. ash (Fraxinus excelsior) overview grades
europ. maple (Acer L.) overview grades
birch (Betula penelula) overview grades

Grading rules for unedged lumber EOS-Standard

At the center of production is the production of unedged quality sawn lumber (t in high assortment depth. Truncal woods from assorted sustainable growth areas of the Spessart, the Frankonian district, the Steigerwald forest and nearby areas are being used as raw material. This guarantees highest quality in regards to structure and color.

While emphasis is primarily on oak and beech, various other wood types such as ash, maple, alder, red oak and birch round out our product range.

Due to the stipulated uniform color, particularly high-quality trunk sections (TF) are being endured  as bouls for exclusive interior construction while standard assortments are being produced as homogenous packaged bundles  that is sorted according to EOS rules.
These assortments are being purchased by international trading companies/ importers/exporters , or directly from the furniture and staircase industries as well as the flooring industry worldwide.
A neat and well cared for air drying storage area with an average of about 5.500 m³ of sawn lumber (timber), combined with multiple quality controls by well-trained employees, guarantee high and consistent quality of the final products. These can be made available on short notice in AD as well as in KD (1.500 m³ drying capacity). This exclusive service is an added value for many customers.