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Edged Lumber

Product range: edged lumber

white oak (Quercus robur) overview grades
german beech (Fagus sylvatica) overview grades
europ. ash (Fraxinus excelsior) overview grades
europ. maple (Acer L.) currently not available
birch (Betula penelula) currently not available

Grading rules for edged lumber NHLA-Standard

Edged hardwood lumber is produced and sorted according to the strict American NHLA rules for standard inspection. For this, specially trained graders are being employed to guarantee conformity with those NHLA regulations. An additional control is being done by the EHEC-Quality-Control System (EQCS). Besides standard gradings such as FAS/1F common, application and customer specific gradings are offered, respectively, which are agreed upon with each customer individually, based on NHLA standards.

Among those, the "long lengths from" 3,33 meters (12 feet) to 4.85 meters (16 feet), constitute a special feature. Those will be straight ripped exclusively after drying to assure straightness, and thus to assure usability with maximum length. Upon request, these assortments may be delivered pre-planed or  cut to width too.