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company overview



log yard

The log yard has a special importance, because it is here, where part of the high quality logs is divided into its later end use sort. Also the logs are then bucked, assorted and blustered by the Liebherr 904, wheeled excavator.

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sprinkler yard

From April thru September timber wood is conserved in the company´s own sprinkler yard (up to 5.000 m), which guarantees continuously good quality and supply of the production.

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For the preparation of cutting, all of the sorts are debarked. The barg shavings are used as heating material.

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The main machine consists of a high power automatic band saw from the manufacture Canali-Moehringer, which can cut up to 110 m3 logs in one level. In addition, two saw mills have a contract with us, mainly for the cutting of smaller log diameters.

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air drying yard

An important component in the optimal drying process is the generous air drying yard. In this 50.000 m big area an amount of approximately 6.500 m cut wood is prepared for drying, and carefully pre-dried, a procedure that cannot be replaced by kiln drying, either in the sense of quality, nor economicaly.

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drying/steam chambers

In ten modern computerized drying chambers (60 - 300 m), an amount of 1200 cubic metres cut wood per filling is carefully dried to the degree of the wood dampness required. A capacity of approximately 700 cubic metres per month is  needed for the steaming process.

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In two large warehouses an amount of 800 m wood is constantly being stored, in order to maintain short term availability.

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cut to size

Both Raimann KR 310 R rip saw and the CNC optimization cross saw facility (Paul 18 GE), ensure a highly precise cut, obtaining efficiency and productivity.

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The contemporary designed laminated timber construction and lerch encased office building, creates a meeting point as well for administration as for the every day operation schedule.

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heating installation

Highly modern combustion engineering offers the needed heating energy for the drying facility on behalf of the use of bark as a waste product. At the same time a contribution to the environmental conservation is acquired, by the gain of carbondioxide neutral energy.

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